24 Hour Pharmacies in Manhattan, New York City – Part 2

CVS Pharmacies-

Headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, CVS is a pharmacy and convenience store chain with presence in 40 states across US. The products and services at CVS include photo labs,  home medical supplies, personal care items, skin care, cosmetics, household items, gifts, candy, etc.
The CVS pharmacy division and the pharmaceutical services are integrated under CVS Caremark Corporation. These services are provided through its pharmacies, Pharmacy Benefit Management, mail order, online pharmacy (CVS.com).  CVS also provides health care services through the MinuteClinic healthcare clinics and Diabetes Care Centers. They are located within the CVS stores.
This chain had its inception in 1963 in Lowell, Massachusetts.
CVS Pharmacies open 24 hours-

• 540 Amsterdam Ave New York, NY- 10024 (86th St)
• 630 Lexington Ave New York, NY – 10022 (54th St)
• 400 W 58th St New York, NY- 10019 (9th Ave)
• 1396 2nd Ave New York NY- 10021 (72nd St)
• 253 1st Ave New York, NY- 10003 (15th St ; near Beth Israel Medical Center)

Walgreens –

Walgreens, headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, is one of the largest two drug store chains in the US with presence in 49 states and Puerto Rico. Most of the Walgreens are spacious with products and services covering photo labs, cosmetics, pharmacy, household appliances, electronics, food, personal care items, toys, jewelry, baby products, gifts etc.
This chain was started by Charles R. Walgreen, Sr. in Chicago in 1901.

24 hour Pharmacies at Walgreens-

• 350 5th Ave New York, NY – 10018 (Empire State Bldg )
• 1328 2nd Ave New York, NY- 10021 (70th St)
• 33 E 23rd St. New York, NY – 10010 (bet. Madison & Park Ave)
• 145 4th Ave New York, NY – 10003 (13th St)