Fuerzabruta Review

Fuerzabruta (Brute Force) is a show brought to us by the people who created the acclaimed De La Guarda show. 

I have been to numerous shows in Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, France and Bangkok. Some of them were superlative but after a certain point of time it was difficult to get enthralled since it was the “ been there, done that” syndrome. So when I did enjoy Fuerzabruta at the Daryl Roth Theatre in New York City, Continue reading “Fuerzabruta Review”

The Chinese New Year Splendor at Radio City – Review

Like any other American I have this intense connection to China. Almost everything in my day to day use is “Made in China”! In my mind China was always the place from where all the stuff came from, of martial arts and yes they were commies. Period. But after watching the Chinese New Year Splendor I realized there is more to the country than the “Made in China” label. There are the people – the most important aspect of any country. The show reminds one about the rich culture and tradition of the people.

The show presented by NTDTV, going on at the Radio City Music Hall, NYC, is a Continue reading “The Chinese New Year Splendor at Radio City – Review”