The Chinese New Year Splendor at Radio City – Review

Like any other American I have this intense connection to China. Almost everything in my day to day use is “Made in China”! In my mind China was always the place from where all the stuff came from, of martial arts and yes they were commies. Period. But after watching the Chinese New Year Splendor I realized there is more to the country than the “Made in China” label. There are the people – the most important aspect of any country. The show reminds one about the rich culture and tradition of the people.

The show presented by NTDTV, going on at the Radio City Music Hall, NYC, is a Continue reading “The Chinese New Year Splendor at Radio City – Review”

Christmas Spectacular at Radio City – A Review

Rockettes Christmas spectacular – It is advertised as a “Christmas spectacular” and it indeed is spectacular. The first impression is the Hall – it’s beautiful. One cannot but admire its grandeur and elegance – from foyer to stage. The holiday decoration is gorgeous. It’s all so golden!!
The show starts with good old Santa. At entry we were given 3-D glasses which we use for the aerial journey around big apple with Santa and his reindeer. He then arrives at the Radio City entrance and runs inside on screen – and at the same time we have Santa coming in from the side entrance in the hall making his way through the audience to the stage. Quite interesting. That is the end of the 3-D show. Then it continues with Continue reading “Christmas Spectacular at Radio City – A Review”